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Garden Design

A well-designed garden around your home has grace and beauty in all seasons.  It provides a chance to escape today's fast paced lifestyles and relax in the beauty of nature.  

At Garden Escapes, we specialize in personal, attentive communication with our clients to provide functional solutions for outdoor living activities.   A great garden is developed with shape, line, structure, textural interest, and color.  Artful integration of hard surfaces and textural plantings, screening or shade structures, and garden art and night lighting will produce an environment suited to your individual lifestyle.  

This collaborative process begins with an on-site consultation.  Design can be approached with a Master Plan, conceived as a comprehensive whole for the entire site. The design can focus on individual garden areas like a new front entryway, expanded outdoor living areas including decks and patios, or perhaps screening with a mixed border of trees, shrubs, and perennials.

Each design is innovative and individual to your site considerations, emphasizing strengths and minimizing weak points.  We listen and help you identify the important factors which when dealt with creatively, can make your landscape truly unique.  Excellence in design is what distinguishes a beautiful garden. 

Garden Installation

To ensure the success of every project, Garden Escapes works with a team of professional local crews and trained craftsmen.  Our small company focuses on clear communication and attention to detail to provide a seamless transition from design thru installation of all phases of landscape installation and construction.   These include:
Landscape and Garden Renovations
Walkways, Steps, Patios, and Retaining walls
Garden Masonry and Construction
Siting and Design of Swim Pools & Surroundings
Ponds and Water Features
Decks, Fences, and Privacy Screens
Gates, Arbors & Pergolas
Landscape Lighting
Perennial Gardens and Bulb Displays

Our hands-on approach ensures that the details of each design achieve their full potential.  Because our teams handle every aspect of the installation process, all work is carried out with precision and in a timely manner.

Garden Maintenance

A healthy landscape is an easily sustainable landscape.  Because your completed garden project represents a substantial commitment of time and money, it's important to take advantage of natural processes.  Garden Escapes specializes in assessing the existing needs of your landscape and can assist in decisions affecting its future.   When client and designer continue to work together, garden landscapes achieve their full potential.

Our trained and skilled crew members follow sound methods of horticulture maintenance and care, which improve the health, overall appearance, and value of your landscape.  A comprehensive maintenance program ensures the beauty and longevity of your investment.